Our new program is designed to help and aid in the success for subcontractors working on commercial projects. Whether it is for commercial buildings or residential buildings (of at least 5 units, such as condos, apartments, etc.), we can help! Our program pays the supplier so you can quickly get back to working on multiple projects or those projects that have been delayed. Below is a brief guideline of what our program offers. 

  • 120-day terms
    • ​We pay for the materials and you fulfill the term when you get paid for the project, or within 120 days.
  • Project-based approvals
    • ​Every approval is project-based, which is great for those multiple projects come up that you just can't pass up. 
  • Credit terms on multiple projects at the same time
    • ​Since every approval is project-based, this means you can have multiple projects and approvals at the same time.
    • Each purchase gets its own 120-day term.
  • There is no early pay-off penalty
  • Get credit terms with any supplier
    • ​Whether it is a local supplier you use for materials or a national chain, we can purchase the materials from the suppliers. 
    • This is extremely helpful in the event you have maxed out your credit line with a certain supplier, but you still want to use them for your material needs. 


Commercial Loan Solutions, LLC

Types of equipment that can be funded include excavators, cranes, dump trucks, dozers, tractor loaders, wheel loaders, motor graders, scraper systems, compact track loaders, crawler loaders, and all types of construction equipment.

Let us help you get those delayed and multiple projects on the schedule!