Our Services include commercial real estate financing, purchase financing, refinance, construction finanicng, troubled assets, asset based funding, business loans, transportation and construction equipment financing. 

Our programs are as follows:  

90% Loan Program - Interest rates starting at 4%  For (minimum $1 Million) construction loans, re-finance loans or purchase loans of commercial property, if you have 10% of the transaction or loan amount in cash, you will then have the loan funded in equal monthly installments, usually for 12 months. 

Joint Venture Program (Minimum Loan Amount $10 Million) - Will go up to 100% financing; the borrower is required to pay 1.5% of the first draw amount (which depends on the size of the project); lender will require to receive 40-70% equity in the project.

Property types for all commercial real estate programs includes but is not limited to hotels / resorts, multifamily, office, subdivisions, senior housing, industrial, storage, warehousing, churches and non-owner-occupied single family housing.

Also available are business loans for expansion, acquisition, lines of credit and other types of working capital needs.  These type of business loan amounts range from $100,000 to $3 Million; few restricted industries; no real estate required; no prepay penalties; minimum credit score required 620 and rates starting at 5.5%.  Closings in 2 weeks or less. 

Other services include funding for commercial transportation / construction equipment such as sleepers, day cabs, boom trucks, box trucks, excavators, dozers and most construction / vocational equipment.  We have funded equipment as old as 1989. 

For trucks and equipment, qualified applicants can include startups with at least 2 years industry experience; credit non-starters include open bankruptcies, child support issues without a payment plan, no funds for a down payment and 4 jobs in the last 3 years; minimum credit score 500.

Commercial Loan Solutions, LLC